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June 30, 2020

Veregaria hotel or Beregaria hotel

Veregaria hotel or Beregaria hotel is in the district of Limassol on the village Prodromos, opened its doors in 1931, and closed down in 1984. From the hotel could quests enjoy the spectacular view. During the 20th Century It was one of the best winter resorts casino, night club and had state of the art furniture and decor that made it unique. Also known as ”the hotel of kings” because they had stayed famous guests like Egypt king Farouk and the president of Israel Ezer Vaisman.

Unfortunately the hotel closed in 1984 when it was no longer profitable and began to lose money.

Veregaria hotel or Beregaria hotel circle with numerous stories.

One story it was said that the three brothers all died from mysterious and suspicious circumstances that provoked interest in the story of the hotel. As a result, the hotel is deemed as a haunted place as people reported seeing shadows flying behind the broken glass left over from the large windows and heard screams and cries. Furthermore, stories of a manager who killed himself and now wanders the halls looking for new victims emerged.

Additionally, it was said that two female ghosts haunt the hotel; a merchant’s wife that was found dead in the swimming pool seeking to avenge her death and a fair maiden with black raven hair, dressed in white linen and visible only during the dusk hours leaning against one of the windows.

All these stories have now made the hotel a place sought after adventurers and adrenaline junkies.

From time to time about the Hotel heard, of course, many stories but all this is just Myths.

All these stories are the reason why many peoples visited this mysterious place.

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