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June 20, 2020

The Golden Donkeys Farm

the golden donkeys farm
The Golden Donkeys Farm 7

The Golden Donkeys Farm

It is one of the biggest donkey farms in Europe and is located at a picturesque village named Skarinou, at the beautiful island of the Eastern Mediterranean called Cyprus.

It is hosting around 200 donkeys. The place is not just a farm but an area of multi-cultures and traditions. People from all over the world are visiting the place to see these beautiful friendly animals that held a leading role in the farm life of the island during the ancient centuries. They are adorable animals and their main characteristics are their patience and strength.

At the stone-made farm, you can visit the stone-made olive oil mill, the well, the farmhouse with the wax figures, which are representing old farm activities. As well as a lot of olive trees, the herb’s garden, and a lot more that will “travel” you back to the old times. During those times the donkeys had a leading role in the lives of the people.

At the place, there is also a nice cafeteria that serves delicious Cyprus coffee and a restaurant full of traditional taste.

The Golden Donkeys Farm is the only licensed farm in Cyprus for donkey milk production by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, and by the Veterinary Services. (License Number 0175).

The Donkey milk 

The donkey milk is well known from antiquity for its beneficial composition as is the closest one to the mother’s milk. It contains very important amounts of vitamins such as C, B, B12, Ω3, and lysozyme (an enzyme with antibacterial action) therefore, it strengthens the immune system. Studies have shown that it is beneficial in combating various diseases such as whooping cough, asthma, allergies, and various skin diseases. It is rich in lactose, which helps the intestinal absorption of calcium, contributing to a beneficial against problems of osteoporosis and improves bone structure in children. It contains a large percentage of whey protein (7.0 7.2) which promotes muscle reconstruction, for this is preferred by many athletes in the world. It also contains high levels of phospholipids and ceramides known for their soothing and regenerating properties for this is thought to work regenerating to your hair and skin.


Products  made with donkey milk

•    Chocolate with donkey milk without sugar (stevia) 
•     Oat Biscuits with donkey milk and honey. 
•     Traditional Cypriot delights with donkey milk and taste of bergamot.
•     Candies with donkey milk carob powder and herbs 
•    Liqueur with donkey milk 
•     Onotella (hazelnut Praline with donkey milk)

Body and face care products.

•    Powdered mask 100% with donkey milk. 

A natural beauty mask from donkey milk powder made by the freeze-drying method in order to keep all the vitamins and substances that make it so special. 

Instructions for use: We mix two tablespoons of milk powder with a  few drops of water (3- 4) and stir until you get a creamy form. (If you need more water, just add a few more drops of water). Spread on a clean dry face and let it dry (about 20 minutes). You will feel your skin stretching. Remove with plenty of water.

• Facial Peeling with donkey milk and crushed olive pits. Instructions for use: Apply to wet face. Rub well the face with the peeling to cleanse the pores and rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not use on eyes.

• Hand Lotion and Body Cream with donkey milk 
• 24-hour anti-aging face cream with donkey milk
• Anti-aging eye cream with donkey milk 
• Serum with donkey milk 
• Face and neck lifting Mask with donkey milk 
• Lip palm
• Soap with donkey milk with rose, jasmine, and grapes scent.
• Green soap with donkey milk, lavender, aloe vera, and olive.

Haircare products. 

•    Hair mask
•    Shower gel 
•    Shampoo for oily hair  
•    Shampoo for dry hair

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