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How to submit your property

Who doesn’t like to earn some extra income on their properties? It’s a great way to generate an extra buck, without having to do much.

Just list your property on Vacation to Cyprus, and start generating revenue! Here is a quick guide on how our process works and how you can add your property!

Start with a Sign-Up!

Our signup process is fairly simple. As soon as you open our page, you will find a ‘Sign up’ option at the top right corner.

You can click on it and start the process.

Follow the easy steps

Step 1: Enter all of your credentials, the platform asks for a username, email, and passwords. Once your basic setup is done you can move on to the next.

Step 2: In the bottom corner you will find tick boxes. Make sure you click on the ‘I want to rent my property’ option. This differentiates you from the users who are there to book properties.

Step 3: Start Listing! Once your account is created you can start by clicking on ‘Add new listing’ where you add all the details for your property.

Provide all the Details

To list your property, it is essential to list down all the services you provide within your property. Our elaborate process makes sure it covers all details of your property.

Before listing, you should have the following details ready:

Description of your property: What is the ambiance like? What are the cooler spots?

Prices: If you have a range of packages, cover the price points. It help people decide their budgets and experiences. You can also select custom prices, as some charges may be extra as per rooms,  booking timings and the number of guests.

Images: Images of all rooms, lobbies, and outdoor areas will be appreciated by those booking.

All required details: any rules or regulations really help. If pets are not allowed, you can list them down. It helps avoid hassles in the future.

Location: You can pin your property on the map so people can explore the location and know more about it.

All the amenities offered: It’s a great idea to list down all the property amenities you will be offering. From hot water to wifi everything can be listed.

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The calendar shows how many days you can be booked. It helps people pre-plan their vacation. Keep your registrations updated!

Sync it with your Calendar

Our calendar system organizes all the bookings for you. If you have bookings from other platforms like Airbnb, you can sync it in with our calendar so people booking from our website know which days they can book a room with you!

A great option is to go to our iCalender and export or import calendar feeds. Once you are done importing, you can save the feeds. It makes the process much more organized and simple for property owners

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