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Vacation2Cyprus: Gateway to Exclusive Beach Villas

Cyprus is the wondrous blend of breathtaking beaches, landscapes, and rich cultural heritage that guarantee you the holiday experience of a lifetime. Endless stretches of golden sands, kissing the milky froth that outlines the deep azure of the sea; the breeze blows away all your stress as you merge with tranquillity, amidst nature’s symphony of crashing waves. This Eastern Mediterranean Island gives you the perfect premise of a dream vacation, which we can enrich by offering you the most exclusive villas in Cyprus.

Vacation2Cyprus brings to you an eclectic collection of villas and private holiday rentals in Cyprus for vacationers looking for an escape from the hectic schedule of their mundane reality. A place where you can relax, unwind and rejuvenate for a few days while enjoying the natural wonders and cultural offerings of the beautiful island country of Cyprus.


Located at the southwestern end of Cyprus, the coastal town of Paphos is famous for being the birthplace of Goddess Aphrodite. The lower part of the town, Kato Paphos has a mushrooming of archaeological landmarks notably the House of Dionysus, the Odeon, the Greek amphitheatre, the House of Theseus. You can enjoy the vibrant ambience of the cluster of famous eateries and shops in upper Paphos.


When in Cyprus, you cannot miss the Capital City of Nicosia, divided between Northern Cyprus (controlled by the Turkish) and the cultural Greek Republic of Cyprus in the southern part. You can explore the Cyprus Museum, Byzantine Museum, and the Ledra Observatory Museum, known for its clear view of The Green Line. The local markets are great for buying souvenirs and traditional items.


After Nicosia, Limassol is the largest urban settlement in Cyprus and a major seaport that attracts tourists seeking sun-kissed beaches. Start your exploration with the Old Town of Limassol and the Limassol Castle. Go on a shopping spree at Anexartisias Street and enjoy the nightlife at Saripolou Square.

Akamas Peninsula

The peninsula of Akamas is a treasure trove of nature’s bounties. Located at the western end of Cyprus, this is where lush green meets the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The natural trails are best for mountain biking and hiking. You will be able to spot reptiles, exotic birds, sea turtles and lots more in flora and fauna.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa gives you the ultimate taste of Cyprus’ vibrant nightlife with its assortment of bars and pubs located at The Square. It also has a great collection of beaches notably, Grecian Bay, Nissi Beach, and Makronissos Beach. Amid the excitement of the nightlife, you can seek some solace in the Ayia Napa Monastery.